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Wuxi Zhongshuo International Trading Co., Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise integrating researching, developing, manufacturing and trading. Its Main Products coverthree categories: Metallurgical rolling, Metal surface treatment and Precision cutting. It serves as the trading department of: Wuxi Zhongshuo Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.,&Wuxi Zhicheng Hengfu Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
The Trade Department is located inNo.5-18 Qunxing Road, Qunxing Industrial Zone, New District, Wuxi City, A City with convenient transportation and developed manufacturing industry.
Wuxi Zhongshuo Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in metal surface treatment equipment, which is widely used in stainless steel, aluminum, copper, titanium and other metal materials for grinding and surface repairing, breaking the foreign monopoly of such machines. Its Self-developed grinding machines have reached the world's leading level in function, stability and automation. In recent years, Our machines have served many well-known enterprises both at home and abroad.
Wuxi Zhicheng Hengfu Manufacturing Co., LTD., specizlizes in Rolling Mills of 4-HI,6-HI, 8-HI,12-HI and especially 20-HI rolling mill. With its stable quality, simple operation, and energy-saving performance,it has been well received by customers, and the mills have been exported to Africa, Asia and other countries.
The company follows the principle of "Excellence, Innovation", adheres to the Tenet of "Customer as the center, Reputation as the foundation, Service as the criterion", all
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We are a comprehensive enterprise that integrates research and development, manufacturing, and trade
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